Innovative Approach to Real Estate Saves Homeowners from Foreclosure
by PR or News Wire
12 June 2009—

The greatest problem Utah is facing right now is not the decline in the real estate market; it is the displacement of good families out of their homes. Keeping good people in their homes will help Utah be a great place to live. That is the mission of - to save EVERY Utah homeowner behind on their house payments from being foreclosed on.

This mission may sound impossible but it is not. educates homeowners to the options they have and allows them to choose the one that will work best for their situation. These options may include modifying the loan with the current lender, obtaining a new private loan to cure the arrearages on the current loan, reinstating the loan, selling the home to a private investor and then leasing back the home, doing a deed in lieu of foreclosure, or short selling the home.

Once a homeowner is aware of the options, they are able to make the best decision possible. On most options, will not take or charge fees to any homeowner. Fees are typically paid by the bank that holds the homeowners loan. founder, Ryan Wright has vast experience in the real estate industry. He found a niche in helping homeowners about to be foreclosed on. "Homeowners who are behind on house payments are a target for unscrupulous investors and loan sharks that are attacking them from every angle," stated Wright. This fueled his drive to help these homeowners and start, which now has 19 years combined experience.

In most cases, by working with, a homeowner is able to live in their home two to three months longer than they would have been able to. can help a homeowner regardless of the condition of the home and price range. In addition, they are able to help homeowners stay in their home. This can be done by modifying their current loan, bringing in a private second lender to make the loan current, or by having an investor buyer purchase the home and allow the old owners to stay in the home. In most cases, the homeowner will be able to buy the home back.

"We were in the process of losing our home. The team helped save our home. We are still living in it thanks to," commented clients Kevin and Nedra.

Foreclosures affect not only the people being forced out of their homes but the neighbors as well. Neighborhoods with vacant homes tend to decline in value rapidly. They have problems with crime, vandalism, drugs, and many others. Not to mention the lack of property taxes being paid. They also reduce the value of the surrounding homes and push property taxes values down. Therefore, strives to stop this from happening to homeowners. has a 90 percent success rate in saving homeowners from foreclosure. There is no single company offering everything provides to a homeowner behind on house payments. has by far the most knowledge in this industry due to its owner's experience. is able to help homeowners find solutions no other company can provide.

"Excelling and surpassing all else" are the words uses by the Best of State committee in describing at the Best of State Black Tie Gala where they were awarded the 2009 Real Estate Category. mission is to help every Utah family behind on house payments from being foreclosed on. In Wrights acceptance he stated, "For any of you that have joined us in our mission, we thank you. For those of you that have not yet, we invite you to join with us in our worthy cause!"