Case Studies

Davis County Homeowner Gets Saved from Foreclosure

In February we started working with a family from Davis County. The husband worked in the construction industry and his hours went from more then full time to less than part time. With this under employment they were unable to make their house payment. They had one loan on the home with Litton Servicing. They owed around $108,000 on the home to only first loan. After months of effort from our team, we were able to work a deal out with the bank. We found a buyer on the property for $155,000 and we worked with the bank on a short sale. The Homeowners walked away not owing the bank any money.

Riverton Real Estate Investor Gets Saved from Foreclosure.

We had a client that was a real estate investor, with the downturn in the economy he was not able to rent the property and find tenants. He also lost his job. He purchased the property at the very high side of the market. He owed $270,000 as a first loan to Chase Bank. We were able to work out a deal where the home was sold for $205,000.

Holliday Homeowner Saved from Foreclosure

A client of ours owned a home in Holliday. It was an investment property that she had been renting. There were two loans on the property, one was a First to Wells Fargo and a Second to Citi Mortgage. The two loans equaled around $325,000. She was cut down on her hours at work, her husband lots his job, and the tenants in the home refused to pay rent. We were able to work out something with the tenants, Wells Fargo, Citi Mortgage, and some new buyers and the home was sold for $220,000

Utah County Homeowners Foreclosure is STOPED!

A Utah County client of ours was going through a divorce. They needed both husband and wife income to be able to make the house payments. So they just could not afford the house payment with one of the two incomes. They owed $175,000 to United Bank. We were able to work out a deal where the property was sold to a resident buyer for $144,000.

Magna Homeowner walks away not owing the bank ANYTHING!

A Magna Client of our had a loan with Wells Fargo on his home in the amount of $182,000. He ended up with Medical Bills that the insurance did not cover. He tried everything and just could not keep up on the house payment while trying to pay the medical bills. It also ended up that he owed more than his home was presenting worth. We were able to sell the home to a new resident buyer for $121,000. He was able to walk away not owing the bank anything.

Local Builder was Helped!

We helped a local Builder that had lost of inventory. We worked with the lenders and negotiated with them to take less than what was owed on the property. We were able to get the property sold and avoid foreclosure with the homes for the Builder. The Builder was able to eliminate the inventory.

These are just a few case studies to give you an example of what can be done. We have so many other examples we could give you, but we are so busy helping homeowners behind on house payments that we can not list everyone we have helped.